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Supplier & Product Update

A.Y. McDonald Introduces New Supply Stops

Experience quick access to the water shut-off for a fixture with A.Y.. McDonald’s Supply Stops. This solution was created with high-quality material, long-lasting results and many options from which to choose. Each Supply Stop is fully certified to all applicable standards and designed with a durable chrome-plated brass handle. The ball valve design also allows for ease of operation and positive shut-off, making the product ideal for residential and commercial applications.

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Simplify Toilet Seat Installation and Cleaning

Bemis’ new Ashland toilet seat features the redesigned Easy•Clean hinge system that simplifies the installation process.

With fewer components, Easy•Clean’s intuitive design not only shortens and simplifi es installation but makes removing the seat for cleaning a breeze. Simply lift the hinge caps and pull the seat forward to access hard-to-clean areas.

The seat features Precision Seat Fit, allowing users to perfectly position the seat on the bowl during installation. Seat shifting won’t occur, either, thanks to Ashland’s STA-TITE Seat Fastening System, featuring its Never Loosens technology. Ashland fi ts most manufacturers’ round or elongated bowls. Its Whisper•Close feature lets the seat close slowly and quietly, eliminating slamming and pinched fingers.

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Broan-NuTone Introduces Lighted Speaker Fan, SurfaceShieldTM, Wall Controls

Broan-NuTone now offers a Sensonic™ Lighted Speaker Fan with a Bluetooth-enabled speaker.

The Sensonic™ Lighted Speaker Fan allows homeowners to transform a tired incandescent bath fan into a sleek LED light with audio. Designed to blend into any aesthetic, the modern, low-profile LED lighted grille is specially formulated to coordinate with the most popular white ceiling paint colors. The sleek CleanCover™ grille also stays cleaner longer with fewer vent slots for a longer-lasting clean while the Soft LED illuminates darker areas of the bathroom with 750 lumens at 3000K color temperature for a Rated Life of 25,000 hours.

Broan-NuTone partnered with Vital Vio™ to create SurfaceShield™, a vent fan and LED light technology designed for hands-free cleaning protection of bathrooms, home offices, nurseries and home gyms.

To reduce health hazards, Broan-Nu-Tone equipped models of Roomside™ series fans and DIY replacement grilles with SurfaceShield™ technology to create a new class of ventilation with antibacterial light technology. The Broan-Nutone SurfaceShield bath fans feature Vital Vio Inc. LEDs that are deadly to bacteria, fungi and mold, allowing for hands-free protection, but cause no harm to people, pets and plants. The SnapFit Flange Kit, EzDuct™ connector and FoldAway™ mounting ears make it flexible to almost any installation challenge, especially for rooms on the first floor or basement of the home. Each carton comes complete with a precise template for accurate housing opening ceiling cut. The 110 CFM fan runs at 1.0 sones.

To accommodate the next generation of builders determined to satisfy the market need, Broan-NuTone has made their job easy with a lineup of digital switches that efficiently optimize home air quality. The digital switches are one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways for builders to save energy, time and money while, in some cases, adapting to new codes and regulations. Designed to improve the air at home, each switch is equipped with accurate and fast self-control settings, ensuring powerful ventilation just when it’s needed.

These easy-to-use controls eliminate excess moisture and airborne pollutants while reducing energy consumption. Upgrading an existing Broan-Nutone exhaust ventilation fan is as simple as installing one of these new switches. Designed with all spaces in mind, each unit features a low-profile design in a decora style to blend into current design trends.

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Dundas Jafine Offers Black Exhaust Hoods

Dundas Jafine has added a new Ebony Series lineup of black exhaust hood assemblies. The new color is designed to complement the trend toward black exterior house trims, soffit panels and doors.

The ProVent Louvered Exhaust Assembly is offered in both a 4” and 6” option. The cammed louvers easily pivot to prevent sticking while the moulded caulk edge on the cap assists the installer with a clean caulking application. This item is nut driver compatible for easy installation and includes a snap on aluminum tailpiece.

The ProMax Wide Mouth Exhaust Assembly is offered in a 4” option. The wide mouth cap has a snug fit backdraft damper that is designed to minimize noise and a removable pest screen for easy cleaning of lint and debris. This item is nut driver compatible for easy installation and includes a snap on aluminum tailpiece.

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Mansfield Plumbing Products Introduces New Bath Products

Mansfield Plumbing Products has introduced new stylish and easy-to-install freestanding baths made in Henderson, Texas.

These freestanding baths start as two pieces and finish as a beautiful one piece. Keeping the installer in mind, the two pieces make it easy for faucet connections to be made before dropping in the bath shell.

The new Ava and Lana Duo tubs from Mansfield are constructed of high-gloss acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement for strength and include a 10-year warranty. The inner bath shell is available in white and the outer skirt is available in white, black, British khaki and ice gray.

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NIBCO Introduces New Line of Ball Valves, PressG Fittings

NIBCO INC. has launched its 585HP (high-performance) bronze ball valves and PressG fittings.

Designed for commercial and industrial applications, the lead-free 585HP full port ball valve line allows for easier installation, adjustability and long ser-vice life. The patented laser-welded construction eliminates the threaded body to body-end connection allowing for a higher operating pressure up to 1,000 CWP and 150 SWP, and operating temperature up to 250° F.

The patent-pending top works features an easily reversible handle providing fl exibility for on-site modifi cations, large accessible packing nut, and triple-sealed stem. These elements combine to make a valve that is easy to install, durable, and dependable all backed by a 10-year, 125% limited warranty.

PressG fittings are a new line of joining solutions designed and engineered for use in copper tube systems primarily for gas and compressed air applications.

PressG saves time and money for professional contractors.

The full line of PressG fittings meet stringent certification and compliance standards including ANSI LC4/CSA 6.32, ICC-ES PMG 1502 and IAPMO/UPC LC-4. The fittings feature a patented (yellow) HNBR O-ring providing leak detection capability to identify any uncrimped connections and are third-party certified by CSA for use in gas applications. Each fitting displays a visible yellow marking with this designation. All fittings are backed by a 25-year written warranty.

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Olympia Introduces i4 Series

Olympia Faucets presents the i4 Series lavatory faucet. With clean lines and geometric design, the Olympia i4 brings sophisticated style to any contemporary bathroom. The i4’s water-saving 1.2 GPM flow rate meets both Water-Sense® and CALGreen criteria. The i4 is built for superior performance with rugged brass construction and a ceramic disk cartridge, all backed by Olympia’s industry-leading warranty. It is also ADA compliant and available in polished chrome, PVD brushed nickel, and matte black.

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Panasonic Introduces ClimaPure™ XE Solution

Panasonic recently introduced ClimaPure™ XE ductless mini-split system. With patented nanoe™ X technology, the new solution provides a comfortable environment for occupants by reducing common pollutants and odors to help maintain healthy indoor air quality within residential, institutional and light commercial spaces. In addition to the ClimaPure XE ductless mini-split system, the 115V YE Series wall-mounted heat pump will also be showcased for residential applications. In terms of commercial solutions designed for large occupancy buildings, large capacity ducted units, ECO Ventilate and next generation VRF Smart Connectivity Controls will also be featured on-site.

Panasonic’s new ClimaPure XE ductless heat pump system is comprised of an air purification technology, nanoe X. The patented technology disperses OH radicals through the air and deep into fabrics to effectively decrease common odors and pollutants in the indoor en-vironment. As an added benefit, nanoe X also helps retain skin moisture and reduce dryness issues for occupants. With its quiet operation, the ClimaPure XE system offers occupant comfort in residential, institutional and light commercial settings.

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PRIER Launches New Brand Messaging, Website

On World Plumbing Day, PRIER Products Inc. launched its new brand message platform. PRIER has revamped its brand with a new tagline, revitalized messaging and a fresh look that represents the core values of PRIER.

The new tagline, “Build with Purpose” is action-oriented and mirrors the company’s mission of striving to be the industry’s best supplier. The new website,, is more streamlined and easier to navigate. It includes new product specifications and various resources for engineers. A new ad campaign, event materials and catalog launched too.

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RectorSeal® Adds to PRO-Fit™ Product Line, Expands HVAC/R Coil Cleaner Product Line

RectorSeal has added the Quick Connect push-fit, flame-free, refrigerant line brass fitting system to its PRO-Fit tools and accessories product line. Quick Connect is the new generation of refrigeration pipefitting designed for ductless mini-split and ducted unitary, single-family residential air conditioning systems. It’s the HVAC/R industry’s only major refrigerant fitting system that doesn’t require flaring, brazing or expensive crimping connection tools.

After cutting, deburring and marking for proper depth, the refrigerant line installation requires just a few seconds to push into the fitting until the depth marking appears in the sight glass. Each Quick Connect fitting port consists of a patented factory-assembled tight-fitting double O-ring, protector, grip ring and an endcap–none of which needs to be addressed by the installer.

RectorSeal has also expanded with six new additions that help revamp the RectorSeal HVAC/R Coil Cleaners product line into an industry-leading maintenance solution for any HVAC/R application.

The expansion includes Coil-Cure, one of the HVAC/R industry’s few Environ-mental Protection Agency-registered evaporator coil cleaners. Coil-Cure comes is a mild strength, alkaline, foaming formula in a 18-ounce aerosol can for disinfecting viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew and other biological coil contaminants in environments requiring a sanitary indoor air quality.

The other new additions include:

  • D-Factor, which is a mild strength, foaming, alkaline with a heavy-duty degreaser for cleaning both condenser and evaporator coils in greasy environments
  • Con-Coil, which is a maximum strength, foaming, acidic condenser coil cleaner that also brightens
  • Renewz Dark, which is a foaming, alkaline condenser-cleaning formula with a distinguishable brown color
  • Foam-Core, which is a high strength, alkaline formula with the product line’s maximum foaming action to reach deep into condenser coils
  • Clean-N-Safe, which is a mild strength, foaming, alkaline condenser/evaporator cleaner that now comes in a concentrated gallon container to supplement its existing 20-ounce aerosol application

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T&S Brass Launches Low-Flow Hydrogenerator, Concealed Widespread Faucet

T&S Brass and Bronze Works has released a new low-flow hydrogenerator that cleanly and sustainably powers sensor faucets with flow rates between 0.5 gallons per minute (gpm) and 1 gpm.

The EC-HYDROGEN-LF low-flow hydrogenerator enables facilities to further conserve water and energy and can help meet low-flow LEED requirements. Previously, T&S hydro-generators required flow rates of 1 gpm or higher.

The company also introduced its B-2866-05FC15 concealed widespread faucet.

The deck-mount faucet features a plain-end spout, eliminating the threads that can harbor pathogens and threaten facility health and safety.

An incorporated 1.5 gpm flow control disc promotes sustainability and efficiency and provides user-friendly performance. The EasyInstall design reduces installation time by 50%.

T&S Brass and Bronze Works also announced plans to expand operations in Greenville County, South Carolina.

The $10.3 million investment is expected to create 22 new jobs.

The project is expected to be fully completed in the fall of 2024.

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Warmup Offers Unjacketed Cable, Connection Kit

The Warmup HTM range offers an unjacketed cable for indoor pipe protection and a connection kit to a 120V power supply.

This cable is a cost-effective solution for smaller pipe runs in basements, unheated crawlspaces and other interior/unexposed areas where freezing temperatures could cause damage to residential water lines. The convenient setup allows the installer to purchase and install just the necessary footage of cable and connect it to a 120V outlet using the plug-in kit (SR-HTMK).

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