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    Merger and Acquisition Strategies

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  • The Future of
    Employee Benefits:

    The ParetoHealth/IMARK Group Solution

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  • Unlocking the Future
    of e-Commerce:

    Lessons for Plumbing Distributors

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    10 Tips

    to Ward Off the R-Word

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Building Success...One Member at a Time

Award-winning IMARK Today magazine (circulation 4,000+) is published four times annually (both in print and interactive digital editions).

March 2023
Growing Forward: Merger and Acquisition Strategies

Fall 2022
The Future of Employee Benefits

Looking for ways to cut spending? Transforming your employee benefits plan could help you tackle a significant source of it.

Summer 2022
Unlocking the Future of E-Commerce

Learn to leverage a digital-first experience that meets the expectations and demands of today’s buyer and decision makers.

Spring 2022
10 Tips to Ward Off the R-Word

Research shows that during recessions companies that invest in selected areas come out of the recession sooner and at a greater growth rate. Some never experience the recession.

IMARK Today is published quarterly, for plumbing distributor members and suppliers of IMARK Plumbing by CMA.

Executive Message

We are pleased to announce the evolution of our quarterly magazine from IMARK Plumbing NOW to IMARK TODAY. The new title embraces our ever-expanding and wide-ranging membership, and the magazine now...

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Editorial Board

Executive Editor
Ted Havel

Jeffrey Barnhart

Jennifer Kohlhepp

Sales Executive
Donna Latham

Managing Director
Christian Amato

Creative Director
Dave Sherwood

IMARK Plumbing Staff

John Aykroyd

Executive Vice President
Matt Roos

Vice President
Scott Bardreau

Vice President, Marketing and Supplier Relations
Ted Havel

Senior Director of Marketing
Francesca Messina

Director of Marketing
Kaitlyn Isola

Manager of Member Services
Robert Snyder

Operations Manager
Pradeep Lodha

Administrative Assistant
Stephanie Palmer