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As our industry continues to evolve and take a more technologically driven approach, so must the way we serve our members. Automated communications, real-time action-driven program updates and push notifications with pertinent membership information are all part of a long list of technology driven user enhancements that IMARK plans to roll out as a part of an implementation series with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) leader Salesforce. These enhancements, which are on track to begin live testing at the end of Q3 2023, will gradually roll out over the next 12 months and begin making their way to both members and suppliers. The existing IMARK portal user experience will remain the same, however, communications and notifications from the group regarding account status, program progress, rebate accrual and savings opportunities will be more frequent, customized and timely…talk about a force to be reckoned with.

When asked about the Salesforce CRM project, IMARK Vice President of Marketing & Suppliers Relations Ted Havel said, “The excitement around this new means of information sharing and communication is undeniable. Through automated messaging and program progress updates, the team and I will have the ability to better assist both members and suppliers in reaching their full potential within the group.”

As previously discussed, the Salesforce CRM user interface will be operated solely by the IMARK team, with no major impact on how IMARK members currently operate within the portal. However, the overall information sharing experience for members and suppliers will drastically improve as the flow of communication will come in a more frequent and detailed manner. An excellent example of what to expect from many of these new communications comes in way of an explanation of the GainShare status report emails. Through the use of the Salesforce CRM, the team now has the ability to generate monthly, automated emails that detail all of your current GainShare plans, how you are progressing toward each program goal (or how much you have purchased thus far), how much spending is required to achieve your goal (or the difference between your YTD spending and your goal) and how much additional rebate you stand to earn if your goal is achieved.

This information, while currently available in the portal, will now be available at your fingertips, allowing you to make more frequently informed buying decisions as they pertain to reaching your goal for each specific program.

While still in the development phase, the promise and potential that this new software has shown is tremendous. Not only will it change the way we communicate with the membership, but it will eventually impact the way we forecast buying patterns and understand the data available to us, all aiding in our efforts to offer the best possible resources and experience.