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Please welcome Current Faucets, an exclusive brand sold only to Luxury Products Group (LPG)/IMARK members. The mission of Current is to create premium quality collections with beautiful style at reasonable prices. The team at Current believes that experiencing products in person is the best way to understand the intersection of quality and design; therefore, Current will never be sold online. We source simple, beautiful faucets that are a joy to own and use. Drawing on the spirit of American style to create a personal, unique and relatable product, Current utilizes the global marketplace to source these high-quality faucets and focuses on designer-driven products, cultivating a connection with every homeowner.

A private label brand, exclusive to LPG/IMARK, means that there is literally no competition, and more importantly, the brand won’t ever be found on Wayfair, Amazon or Your showrooms will be able to appreciate margins in the 55%-65% range, while providing clients with phenomenal value.

Presently, Current offers four distinct collections spanning traditional to contemporary designs. Each collection includes kitchen faucets, with some unique pot fillers, and a full selection for the bathroom: Lavatory Faucets, Showers, Tub Fillers and Handheld Showers. To complete the offerings, Current also sells accessories and individual showerheads. You will find four finishes: Chrome, Satin Nickel, Satin Black and Brushed Gold. Current carries a lifetime warranty (10 years for commercial and multi-family projects), and that’s just a statement of how confident Current is of the exceptional quality.


We are now beginning to take orders for showroom displays. Current offers two alternatives: a wall mounted display, or simply a collection of faucets on acrylic bases that you can exhibit on vanities in the showroom. Either way, you will be able to incorporate Current in your showrooms, and we will make it easy. In the fall you will find a new price book/color catalog, and an updated website. Presently the Current team is working on images that are going to be so spectacular that they will rival industry leaders. Naturally, Current will be very active on social media to attract the interest of designers, architects, contractors and homeowners. Our marketing team will help drive traffic to your showroom.

Imagine the potential for your individual showrooms, and LPG/IMARK, selling a high-quality, well-designed faucet with high margins and a good rebate. To underscore the incredible opportunity for profits, follow two examples:

  • EXAMPLE ONE: If 50% of the LPG showrooms sell one Current Kitchen faucet and one bathroom set (lavatory faucet and shower) per month, the total annual revenue would be more than $900,000 per year.
  • EXAMPLE TWO: If 50% of the showrooms sell one kitchen and one bath set per week, the annual revenue would be more than $3.6 million. That translates to almost $10 million in retail dollars. And this with “only” 50% participation.

With Current, you no longer have to compromise on style or quality. We bring you a wide range of options that cater to your individual preferences, ensuring that every room in your home reflects your client’s personal taste and lifestyle. Our commitment to accessible luxury means that anyone can enjoy the beauty and craftsmanship of a high-end faucet and still keep within a budget.

So please, take a good look at Current Faucets—exclusive to LPG/IMARK. We take pride in no online sales, superior margins, a healthy rebate, great designs and high quality. Let’s take some shares from Delta and Moen.

For additional information about Current, visit or contact Peter Ollestad at