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Underhill International Corporation has been a familiar name to irrigation industry professionals since 1980. Headquartered in Irvine, California, the company is an innovative manufacturer of water-saving irrigation products for golf courses, sports fields, commercial and residential installations.

Underhill joined the IMARK family last year with the goal of helping plumbing, waterworks and irrigation suppliers increase their revenue and add high-margin incremental sales. “Every plumber uses a hose, and they are buying it somewhere. If they’re not buying it from you, they are going to your competitor to get it. Think of us as the bubble gum of the store, our products are not on their shopping list, but if they are displayed correctly, they will add impulsive, incremental business to your store,” said Ed Underhill, president of Underhill International.

Underhill developed innovative point-of-purchase displays that hold a good variety of commonly used items in a very small footprint. Their product line sold in plumbing supply stores includes water hoses, nozzles/accessories and hand pumps. Underhill not only prides itself on high-quality products, but even more importantly on customer service.

Collaboration Pays Off

Wade Bond, who operates Bond Plumbing Supply in Miami, Florida, recently purchased hoses, various spray heads and handpumps from Underhill. “They’ve been selling pretty well since they’ve been on our counters,” Bond said.

Bond Plumbing Supply, a family-owned and operated business established in 1945, switched to the Underhill brand for the brass fittings. “In south Florida we have a lot of calcium in the water and heavy water,” Bond said. “If you don’t have a brass fitting on the hose, you start to have problems with calcium. It’s terrible! Plumbers flock to the brass fittings. It’s a quality product and a nice and easy company to deal with.”

“The success and positive feedback we’ve seen from IMARK customers has been great. We love to use the term win/win in our company, and this has truly been a win for the IMARK partners by growing incremental new revenue, and a win for Underhill expanding our line into a new distribution channel,” stated Ken Newcomb, operations & sales manager for Underhill.

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