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Liberty Pumps Training Academy offers IMARK distributors the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills needed to add even more value for your customers.

Liberty Pumps’ team will help fully prepare you to sell more pumps during the event, which will take place November 13-15. Class is limited to the first 30 who register and will feature product demos, lab demos, product training and a factory tour. To register, visit

Why Register

Liberty Pumps is proof that America is the land of opportunity where any dream can come true.

Fred Cook, who worked for an oil burner and sump pump company, took a chance and purchased that company’s sump pump inventory, tooling, design rights and trademarks and founded Liberty Pumps in October 1965.

He located the business in his hometown of Bergen, New York where he knew and loved the people and by 1972 it doubled in size. He later hired his nephew Charlie Cook, who was a trained engineer. Charlie participated in every aspect of the business and developed a great appreciation for his colleagues and customers. He also focused on staying ahead of the curve.

While his uncle only sold sump pumps, Charlie began to modify them to handle sewage. These unique preassembled sump pumps further established Liberty Pumps as a leader in the marketplace. Charlie ultimately took over the reins of the business when Fred retired in 1975.

Over the years, Liberty Pumps has embraced computer-aided design, Lean manufacturing techniques and other advanced technologies to produce high-quality products. The company is also dedicated to doing whatever it takes to satisfy every customer.

Today, Liberty Pumps is one of the largest and most respected pump brands in North America. The company ships tens of thousands of pumps to purchasers around the world from the rural town of Bergen. Charlie serves as chairman of the board and Robyn Brookhart serves as president and CEO.

“Our people and our purpose make Liberty Pumps successful,” Brookhart said. “We care about each other, what we accomplish together and ensuring an exceptional experience for our customers. Our team is solid, and we have a synergy that seems to propel us. We’re hyper-focused on manufacturing high-quality products, providing knowledgeable and accessible customer service and having fun doing it!”

Randy Waldron, vice president of sales and marketing, added, “Being family-owned and also an [Employee Stock Ownership Plan] ESOP company, where our employees are also owners in the company, helps create a truly vested interest on everyone’s part here. Our talented team cares about everything that goes on here, and most importantly, they know the customer comes first and will do what it takes to satisfy the customer. We are also actively involved in our community and participate in many volunteer activities each year. In fact, we recently created the ‘Do-Gooder Day’ where each employee is given an additional paid day off each year to volunteer or help with a cause of their choice. Giving back and helping others is just another aspect of our culture here at Liberty that is fostered from the top—all the way down through the organization.”

Other key members of the executive team at Liberty Pumps include Chief Operating Officer Peter Cunningham, Chief Financial Officer Dennis Burke, Manufacturing Manager Don Cunningham, Director of Engineering David Williams and Purchasing Manager Damon Flick.

Membership in IMARK Plumbing provides Liberty Pumps with the opportunity to connect with a strong group of independent wholesalers. “Membership allows us to connect to those distributors. Attending the annual meeting allows us to meet with many of them all at one time. The group also offers strong marketing programs and support,” Waldron said.

What’s on the Horizon

Liberty continues to see opportunities for product growth and innovation in the sewage and wastewater category. “We have always been a leader in product technology for our category and this will still be our focus as we continue to launch new and exciting products,” Waldron said.

For more information about Liberty Pumps, visit