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How to Get More Leads with Digital Marketing

In the evolving plumbing distribution landscape, one tactic has become essential to attract more leads: digital marketing.

That’s because an increasing number of your customers are now using the internet and social media to address their needs.

It’s crucial for your organization to adjust accordingly and shift away from traditional marketing strategies and fully embrace digital marketing to locate, engage with and satisfy customer needs effectively.

But where should you begin?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important things you can do to enhance your website’s ranking and online presence, making it easier for potential customers to find your services. Implementing keywords, creating quality content and optimizing your site’s user experience are among the leading strategies to improving your SEO.


Many statistics underscore the benefits of blogging for your business profile. Three stand out:

  • 77% of internet users read blogs.
  • Businesses that blog have 434% more indexed pages.
  • Companies with blog posts get 55% more visitors.

In other words, writing educational blogs is good for your business and content marketing strategy. By blending original content with

industry keywords, blogs provide plumbing distributors with a platform to highlight their expertise, share success stories and trends and discuss product advancements, differentiating themselves from competitors and helping recruit new customers.

Blog posts, along with news stories, are also among the most shared items on social media in addition to videos.


Social media platforms provide a cost-effective means of reaching a broad audience, allowing plumbing distributors to showcase their services, expertise and customer testimonials. By maintaining an active presence on social media, you can stay connected with current customers, attract new ones and even address common queries in real time.

Social media marketing also offers the opportunity to participate in industry-related conversations, establishing thought leadership and ultimately enhancing brand visibility and reputation in the digital landscape.


The numbers don’t lie: People read blogs and news stories. But they watch videos more.

A lot more.

Research shows that four times as many people would rather watch a video than read content when seeking information online. That includes your current and potential customers.

Video marketing is highly effective for engaging audiences and conveying complex information. For instance, testimonial videos featuring satisfied customers build trust, with 72% of consumers saying positive testimonials increase their trust in a business.

Additionally, shareable video content across social media platforms can expand a plumbing distributor’s reach and attract new customers through informative and engaging content.


Personalized email campaigns can significantly increase customer engagement by providing relevant and timely information tailored to each recipient. Whether it’s automated sale reminders, product tips or updates on new services, email personalization can make your customers feel valued and more connected to your practice.


What’s the first thing potential clients see when researching you on social media? It’s the same thing they see when they flip through your print advertisement, drive past your billboard or walk by your practice. Your profile image. More specifically, your logo.

Branding and logo design play a crucial role in the marketing endeavors of plumbing distributors, serving as the initial impression across all digital and physical collateral, such as brochures, business cards, postcards and other promotional items, communicating visually and emotionally with potential customers.

And the branding must be consistent across all channels—PR, social media, video content, blogs and digital —to foster the kind of trust and recognition that pulls in more customers and retains them for years.


You can’t sell and promote your business 24/7. Neither can your staff. But your website can.

A professional, informative website should be the cornerstone of your business’s online presence. It establishes trust and credibility through high-quality content, user-friendly design and valuable information such as services offered, employee bios and customer testimonials.

Your website is the online front desk of your distribution business, drawing in potential customers and improving their experience through functionalities such as product line information and industry-related blogs. Add in SEO and watch your visibility climb in search engine rankings. Same with online traffic.

For more information on how to effectively position your distribution business across all platforms, reach out to our expert marketing team at CMA today.