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Murdock Manufacturing: The Trusted Choice for Dependable Water Delivery Systems

Established in 1853, Murdock Manufacturing has earned a reputation as the go-to name for reliable water delivery systems.

A new IMARK supplier, Murdock Manufacturing provides the membership with an extensive offering of water coolers, bottle fillers, indoor and outdoor drinking fountains, hand washing stations, hydrants, pet fountains and outdoor showers/misters.

“We are thrilled to be part of IMARK,” President Bob Murdock said. “Our entire team is dedicated to earning your business and we look forward to proving our value to the IMARK membership.”

Murdock Manufacturing has been the benchmark in the drinking fountain and water hydrant industries for over 170 years. In 1853, when most people were still drawing water from communal wells, John G. Murdock Sr. founded Murdock Manufacturing in Cincinnati, Ohio, and began manufacturing frost-free hydrants patented in 1857 to deliver year-round water to the public throughout the country. The company’s reputation for high-quality, well-made products led to inclusion in high-profile Depression-era projects by the Tennessee Valley Authority (1933), the Civilian Conservation Corps (1933) and the Works Progress Administration (1935).

Murdock Manufacturing’s M-1776 Old Style stands as one of the earliest water fountains ever created, and to this day, it continues to be produced in the company’s factory. Despite advancements in fabrication techniques driven by new technologies, Murdock remains steadfast in its dedication to durability, longevity and timeless style. Remarkably, numerous models dating back over a century are still functioning today and can be serviced using authentic, original parts.

“If you had the opportunity to go visit a park, chances are you were out there with your family, at a picnic, and Murdock Manufacturing was there in the picnic shelter with fresh water access via a post hydrant,” Murdock said. “Having that long history of involvement with the public is, more than anything else, why the Murdock brand remains strong. As we continue our innovation, we’re building on the legacy of what it was in the very beginning: Dependable, easy to use and easy to maintain.”

Bob Murdock is the fifth generation of the Murdock family to guide the company. The family isn’t just limited to the Murdocks, however. Murdock has been a Morris Group International (MGI) brand since 2004, when Bob Murdock and Donald E. Morris became partners with a handshake. MGI is in its second generation of Morris family leadership. A number of other MGI divisions are also run by the founding family, and third generation family members work throughout the company.

On the strength of being a family-owned business, Murdock says, “We are proud to be a US manufacturer, engineering and building our own products from the ground up every single day. We are an independent family-owned business which means we do not answer to private equity or outside investors; we answer only to our customers and fellow team members. I am surrounded by a very passionate group of people, headed up by my partner Don who is always looking for one more mountain to climb!”

Due to their exceptional reputation for durability, longevity, build quality, and aesthetics, Murdock Manufacturing products are found all around the world: in national, state and municipal parks; in campgrounds, cemeteries, schools and stadiums; on military bases; and on golf courses and beaches.

“We remain an industry leader by constantly updating our products to stay ahead of code requirements and market trends,” Murdock said. “All Murdock products are lead free. We have the unique ability to match all of our hydration stations to any existing Pantone® color swatch, allowing for seamless integration with existing designs. With so many options for body style, number of stations, colors, logos, graphics and finishes, Murdock products are ideal in any location with a need for potable water.”

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