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Decorative Showroom Executive Message

Jeff MacDowell Executive Director, LPG

It is an exciting time at Luxury Products Group (LPG). We are making Xteach a more useful tool for our members, as training remains a priority for many of our great showrooms. The new Xteach now includes training on AI, new soft-selling training and, most importantly, a Certified Management Course designed for showroom owners and managers with the authority to make changes. This is a yearlong course that is guided by me, and between us, we decide what changes to make to your business to achieve profitability improvements.

In July, we will create videos of rough plumbing training specifically for showroom staff and add even more showroom 101-type training. We have some of the nation’s best talent on Xteach—from Emily Post to Robb Best, all exclusive content for LPG.

Exciting times are ahead as we welcome several new suppliers to our network. We’re particularly thrilled to announce the addition of Maidstone and Swan under the American Bath Group umbrella of brands. These new lines open up fresh avenues of business for our members, and we’re eagerly anticipating the potential growth in sales. We’re also seeing promising growth in our existing lines, such as CWI Lighting, Quorum, Oxygen Lighting and Cyan Design, especially in the lighting category.

One of our most exciting new services is our partnership with Colorship Media. This collaboration is creating exclusive renderings of showrooms, incorporating the best practices of LPG showrooms across the country. These designs are not only cost-effective but also hyperlocal in look, offering a unique and appealing aesthetic. In my opinion, they surpass anything currently available in the marketplace, providing a significant advantage to our members.

We have also improved deals from a few suppliers and are staying laser-focused on improving as many deals as possible to give our membership the most financial bang for their buck.

I truly believe we have a better group now than ever before, and with a few more surprises in the works, firmly believe we have the most innovative decorative buying group anywhere.