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Irrigation, PVF & Waterworks Executive Message

Scott Bardreau Vice President

As the IMARK Waterworks vertical continues to grow in suppliers and members, the development and implementation of a Waterworks Advisory Council, a vision of the IMARK Board of Directors, has become a reality! Invitations to join the council were sent to six members whose expertise and insight would be invaluable to our group as we navigate the dynamic landscape of the waterworks industry.

The IMARK Waterworks Advisory Council will be committed to fostering collaboration, sharing best practices and staying abreast of industry trends. Through monthly online meetings, we gather to discuss a range of topics including:

  • Best practices in waterworks management and operations
  • Emerging industry trends and innovations
  • Recommendations for suppliers and potential partnerships
  • Strategies for attracting new members and expanding our network
  • Any other matters pertinent to our vertical that members wish to address

The Waterworks Advisory Council members are:

  • Joe Marchese, Atlantic Plumbing
  • James Calvert, Mountainland Supply
  • Mike Wall, Wichita Pipe
  • Will Tippen, APSCO
  • Brett Friedman, Atlantic Plumbing
  • Kevin Kormeier, Water and Sewer Supply

Each meeting will be held online, allowing for convenient participation from anywhere. Sessions will take place once per month and last approximately one hour, ensuring a productive and efficient use of everyone’s time.

The council members will provide unique perspectives and their experiences, which will enrich the discussions and contribute to the advancement of our collective goals. We believe that the council’s involvement will greatly benefit both our entire group and more specifically the entire IMARK waterworks vertical.


In the realm of property maintenance, irrigation and turf management have evolved into essential components for homeowners and property managers alike. The notion that installing an irrigation system is as simple as laying down a line and occasionally turning it on and off is a gross oversimplification. The reality is far more complex and demands a level of expertise that underscores the importance of aligning with professional irrigation distributors and suppliers.

Professional installation of an irrigation system involves meticulous planning and precision. A critical aspect of this process is the placement of spray heads and ensuring proper zone coverage. The strategic positioning of sprinklers is vital for the long-term health of any outdoor space. Incorrect placement can lead to under- or over-watered areas, resulting in unhealthy turf and potential property damage. This precision ensures that every blade of grass receives adequate hydration without wastage, promoting a lush and vibrant landscape.

One of the significant challenges in outdoor irrigation is the unpredictability of weather and environmental conditions. In regions across the United States and Canada, the freezing of irrigation systems poses a considerable threat. A professionally installed system takes into account the proper placement of drain lines and accessibility to backflow devices to prevent freeze damage. Moreover, these systems are designed to handle the delicate balance of water distribution, avoiding common pitfalls such as standing water, which can lead to a multitude of issues including turf disease and mosquito breeding grounds.

Backflow prevention is another critical element that cannot be overlooked. This mechanism is essential for protecting the property’s water supply from contamination. Professional irrigation suppliers and distributors are well-versed in the latest backflow prevention technologies, ensuring that installations comply with health and safety regulations.

IMARK Irrigation suppliers provide access to a wealth of resources and expertise on their webpages and the IMARK portal pages. These suppliers have trained and certified sales staff members who assist irrigation distributors and contractors with every facet of installation and repair. Their detailed product information and installation guides, available on the IMARK portal pages, are invaluable tools that help ensure each system is installed to the highest standards.

In summary, the complexity of modern irrigation systems necessitates professional involvement. The expertise offered by professional irrigation distributors and suppliers ensures that systems are not only efficient but also sustainable and safe. By investing in professional irrigation solutions, we can maintain healthy, beautiful outdoor spaces while conserving water and protecting our environment.


The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Pipe, Valve and Fitting (PVF) industry is transforming the sales landscape, offering unprecedented improvements in efficiency and strategic capabilities. As AI software becomes increasingly sophisticated, its application in PVF sales is streamlining operations, enhancing customer relations and providing a significant competitive edge.

One of the most notable advancements is the development of AI software that seamlessly interfaces with existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. These AI-driven tools possess an inherent understanding of PVF product descriptions, which simplifies and automates data organization and retrieval processes. By reducing the manual effort required, these systems expedite key business functions, such as searching ERPs and extracting critical insights necessary for quoting PVF jobs.

Key Value Propositions

  1. Reduced Time to Quote: AI software significantly cuts down the time required to generate quotes, enabling sales teams to respond to customer inquiries swiftly. This speed not only improves customer satisfaction but also enhances the chances of securing orders.
  2. Expedited Supplier Response Time: By automating data retrieval and processing, AI tools help in accelerating supplier response times. This rapid turnaround is crucial in maintaining strong supplier relationships and ensuring timely project completions.
  3. Enhanced Forecasting and Inventory Accuracy: Advanced AI algorithms provide better forecasting by analyzing historical data and market trends. This leads to more accurate inventory management, reducing both overstock and stockouts, thus optimizing the supply chain.

Taking AI software a step further, the latest innovations enable the creation of tailored quotation packages. These packages consider a variety of factors including customer and contractor preferences, product and brand specifications, geographic considerations and even profit margins. This customization ensures that quotes are not only accurate but also strategically aligned with the client’s specific needs and preferences, enhancing the likelihood of winning bids.

The implementation of AI-powered software dramatically enhances the capabilities of PVF sales teams. By automating routine tasks and providing deep insights into customer behavior and market trends, sales teams can operate more strategically and efficiently. This technology allows sales professionals to focus on high-value activities such as building relationships and closing deals, rather than being bogged down by administrative tasks.

AI’s ability to streamline operations and enhance decision-making processes provides PVF distributors with a significant competitive edge. Distributors that leverage AI technology can offer better service, more accurate quotes and faster turnaround times, thereby strengthening their customer relationships and improving their market position.

The advent of AI in the PVF industry marks a significant shift towards more intelligent and efficient business practices. By integrating AI software with existing ERP systems and utilizing its capabilities to tailor customer experiences, PVF distributors can enhance their operational efficiency, improve strategic decision-making and gain a competitive advantage. As AI technology continues to evolve, its impact on the PVF sales landscape is likely to grow, driving further innovation and success in the industry.