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Norgas, one of the most trusted sources for gas regulation and measurement products in the United States, also distributes hot and cold water meters.

Located in Fairfield, Ohio, the company has been providing expert technical support and quality products to the industrial, commercial and submetering markets since 1998.

The company is also going into its second year as the official preferred regulator supplier for Generac generators. “That is a huge development for us,” said John Flowers III, technical sales, Norgas.

As one of the largest stocking distributors in the country, Norgas can supply products when needed, where needed for the lowest possible cost. With an engineering department on staff, the company prides itself on providing the best technical support possible.

This is Norgas’ first year as an IMARK Plumbing supplier. “We provide onsite training at any branch and offer it at our location as well,” Flowers III said. “We provide full technical support for large and small construction jobs from product quotes through installation.”

In the niche market of gas and water regulation, Norgas is also involved in the development of new products and adjusts to meet any market needs for its clients. “The biggest opportunity we see with our new products is getting into the utility market with utility grade water and gas meters,” Flowers III said. “The addition of new technology also eliminates the need for invasive installation and overall produces better safety and products for our clients.”

Norgas provides distributors with marketing materials including catalogs, spec sheets and engineering documents. The company also provides the approvals and certifications needed for its products.

“Be on the lookout for new products and really do not hesitate to contact us for any support,” Flowers III said. “We hang our hat on tech support and product development.”

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