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John Aykroyd President
Matt Roos Executive Vice President
Scott Bardreau Vice President
Ted Havel Vice President, Marketing and Supplier Relations

Best practices to capture the attention of existing and/or new customers while ensuring the best experience possible for customers to interact with your company.

Welcome to the summer issue of IMARK Plumbing NOW! Much of the content in the summer issue centers around customer engagement strategies. Starting on page 21, you can review member responses to a recent survey about the “state of the art” of distributor marketing and customer engagement. A key takeaway from the survey is that members aspire to enhance and/or build out digital strategies to better interact with customers.

IMARK Plumbing Now invited a few of our member service providers to provide content on strategies and best practices to successfully deploy digital customer engagement platforms.

On page 14, Billtrust provides an article titled, Unlocking the Future of E-Commerce: Lessons for Plumbing Distributors. The article explores the ever-expanding e-commerce activity and provides tips on how IMARK members can profit within this expanding opportunity.

Moblico submitted the article, Mobile Technology Trends are Changing Your Business. An in-depth article that offers awareness on why members need a mobile platform along with guidelines to successfully launch a mobile engagement strategy starts on page 6.

Review page 44 for Showroom Marketing’s article, Start Generating New, Predictable Revenue Sources from the Web, which provides insight on Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing along with best practices to generate greater visibility, higher traffic and revenue from your webstore.

Kaitlyn Isola, director of marketing, IMARK Plumbing, contributes an article on page 80 that investigates Customer Relationship Management software options and shares proven tactics for improved customer engagement.

The Need for Speed: How Faster Websites Convert More, provided by CMA, discusses website optimization improvements that ensure your webstore loads quickly and reliably and starts on page 36.

Enjoy the summer issue!