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Magazine Enhancements
Slated For 2023

John Aykroyd President
Matt Roos Executive Vice President
Scott Bardreau Vice President
Ted Havel Vice President, Marketing and Supplier Relations

Welcome to the fall issue of IMARK Plumbing NOW, our final edition for 2022. For the approaching new year, we are working on many new developments for the magazine and wish to share with you a “sneak preview” of some of the enhancements coming to the magazine.

Over the past couple of years, we have experienced robust growth with related IMARK Plumbing verticals: Luxury Products Group (LPG), IMARK Irrigation, IMARK Waterworks and IMARK PVF. To share this success and to provide our ever-expanding readership with relevant content, 2023 issues will be inclusive of all IMARK Plumbing verticals.

These additional verticals vastly increase the magazine’s circulation reach and will virtually apply to all IMARK member employees. In addition, we look forward to providing the readership with more articles that discuss sales and marketing tactics and general business practices that are related to Showrooms, Irrigation and Waterworks wholesalers and Industrial distributors. Expect to receive your first 2023 issue of IMARK Now in February/March.

In this issue, please take a moment to review the featured article, The Future of Employee Benefits: The ParetoHealth/IMARK Group Solution, page 28, provided by ParetoHealth. ParetoHealth manages the IMARK Group, health, life, dental and visions programs. The article discusses the advantages of self-insurance programs and explains how IMARK members can better manage and potentially reduce their cost on health care.

On page 80, please review the IMARK Member and Supplier 2021 Distinguished Performance Award achievers.

IMARK Plumbing Now invited supplier executives to share their insight into achieving success with the GainShare joint planning program. See the article on page 20.

Plus, review helpful business articles; Six E-Commerce Capabilities Plumbing Distributors Can’t Live Without on page 12, Dealing with the Effects of Inflation on page 50 and Social Media Videos: Stand out Among the Competition on page 44.

Enjoy the fall issue!