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Mesher Supply Team Has Muscle

Mesher Supply, located in Portland, Oregon, sponsored a team of 10 employees to pull a 40,000-pound airplane (a NASA Gulfstream II Shuttle Simulator) to raise money for Special Olympics. The “Mesher Muscle Team” took home the trophy for second place and won the category for best costume.

Special Olympics Pull Plane 2022 took place at the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum in McMinnville, Oregon. The following Mesher employees were on the team: Andy Glennon, Jason Keel, Keoki Farm, Sky Marsh, Clark Verd, Andrew Harder, Thomas Plante, Phillip Kent, Luciano Alioto and Drew Hertel.

Mesher employee individual donations and Mesher Supply’s matching donations and sponsorship brought in $5,244 for Special Olympics Oregon.

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Sayville Plumbing Supply Celebrates 47 Years of Serving the Community and More

Sayville Plumbing Supply, located in the Bayport, Blue Point and Sayville communities on Long Island, has operated out of its current location for more than 12 years and was in a smaller building for 35 years before. Every morning starting at 6:30 a.m. Gary hangs flags to be seen by passersby indicating the business is open. By 7 a.m. there are usually three to six plumbers inside all conversing about the previous day or the day in front of them. The company has 12 employees between the ages of 22 and 80 years old and the combination of youth and experience keeps it in touch with all customers in the community. Walter, who has been a master plumber for more than 62 years, is sought ought everyday for his knowledge and solutions.

Before the pandemic, Sayville Plumbing Supply hosted a weekly Customer Appreciation Breakfast for its beloved plumbers and the public. People love to be around others who are happy and having a good time telling stories. Many plumbers network and discuss plumbing and heating problems and solutions. It makes for a great surrounding to be for those seeking help and for customers who wander in looking for a plumber on the spot.

MJ, a Sayville Plumbing Supply employee, makes egg sandwiches during a recent Customer Appreciation Breakfast the company held.

The company recently brought the breakfasts back and has even hosted a few barbeques and some Bagel Wednesdays to enjoy with the community. People who don’t truly understand what a neighborhood plumbing supply can offer and those who find it intimidating to just walk in are amazed to find that Sayville Plumbing Supply has an entire store dedicated to their needs.

The company’s showroom specialist can design and fully explain a bathroom or a kitchen remodel Amiel has been with the company for more than five years and is a savior to homeowners and contractors when it comes to making things happen when all else has failed.

Sayville Plumbing Supply has been a staple in the community for many years and its employees are the reason customers keep coming back.

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Jeffery Geck (l-r) and his father Ronald Geck proudly display their achievement of Elite status in the 2021 IMARK Member Premier Program.
Brian Lindsay, general manager, celebrates 30 years with the Geck Plumbing & Heating Supply.

Geck Plumbing & Heating Supply Celebrates 86 Years in Business

Geck Plumbing & Heating Supply Co., located in Rochester, New York, is celebrating its 86th anniversary. Established in 1936, Geck Plumbing & Heating Supply, is a third-generation family-owned wholesaler that has been servicing contractors, plumbers and maintenance workers throughout Monroe County and the surrounding areas for eight decades.

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Wiseway Supply Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Wiseway Supply’s David Cain (l-r), Charlie Cain, Jackie Cain, Rodney “Biz” Cain and John Cain take pride in celebrating the company’s 50th anniversary this year.

Rodney “Biz” and Jackie Cain founded Wiseway Supply in 1972 in Florence, Kentucky. Biz was an important player in the northern Kentucky business arena. The nickname, and name by which most know him, came from his grandfather after he noticed Biz’s thirst for learning about business.

Biz, a wonderfully talented and powerful leader, wasn’t afraid to do the dirty work. His experience of building, selling and understanding the needs of northern Kentucky residents and businesses alike placed Wiseway in a position to become successful from the beginning.

Wiseway Supply Milestones

In business, you have to learn how to roll with the punches. Just five years after starting the business in 1978, the roof collapsed at Wiseway’s location on Dixie Highway in Florence. That summer, Biz relocated the business across the street to a larger building that remains today.

In 1985, Wiseway acquired Bluegrass Plumbing & Electrical Supply. A couple years later, Wiseway entered the computer age with a new software system.

After graduating from the University of Kentucky in 1988, Biz’s oldest son, John, joined Wiseway to work for his father as general manager. His thirst for learning mirrored his father’s, as John continued his education and in 1993 graduated from Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University.

In 1994, John became president of Wiseway Supply. Two years later, his father retired.

In the early 2000s, Wiseway began growing quickly. Branches in Aurora, Indiana and Harrison, Ohio opened after the acquisition of Aurora Supply and another branch opened in Loveland by 2003.

The Recession

After the housing market began spiraling downward in 2007, Wiseway experienced its first layoffs in company history. The toll that the Great Recession took was evident in 2009 when Wiseway experienced a large loss.

At the end of the year, a third and final set of layoffs took place, cutting deep and wide.

Wiseway Supply recently participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. The company raised $7,100 and is still accepting donations and selling plush owls at all of its locations throughout the end of the year on behalf of the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Cincinnati.

Onward and Upward

After 2012, there was a long line of growth as John steered Wiseway

forward. First, Wiseway made an acquisition that turned into the Hamersville, Ohio branch. John then set his sights on a distribution center that could carry the capacity for growth that Wiseway was planning. In 2014, Wiseway built the Blue Ash distribution center combining it with the existing Loveland branch. The following year, Wiseway established the RF system that helped it increase warehouse efficiency and accuracy.

In 2015, The Bank of Kentucky sold to BB&T and John served on the BB&T Local Advisory Board. That same year, Wiseway added Kohler to its plumbing menu. Soon after, Rheem water heaters joined the plumbing lineup and Wiseway opened a branch in West Union, Ohio creating its seventh branch.

Remembering Biz

Biz passed away at age 78 on Dec. 1, 2016. His passing pulled at the heartstrings of northern Kentucky. A line of people wrapped around the funeral home, which spoke for how many lives Biz touched. In August 2017, a portion of Kentucky Route 536 was dedicated as the “Biz Cain Memorial Highway.”

Recent Growth

In 2019, Wiseway acquired the Lexington-based company Kentucky Lighting, increasing Wiseway’s southern reach and adding three branches in Lexington, Georgetown and Frankfort. During the acquisition, Wiseway maintained its focus on customer service with virtually

no personnel overlap. The joining of the two companies with similar family-owned values and history has been well received by customers and employees alike.

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