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    In the Fill It Now Marketplace

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Building Success...One Member at a Time

Award-winning IMARK Today magazine (circulation 4,000+) is published four times annually (both in print and interactive digital editions).

June 2024
Unleash Your Business’ Inner Beast: Adopt EOS

By implementing EOS, businesses can benefit from a variety of advantages that can help take operations to the next level.

March 2024
Dashboard 2.0: Rebate Management Made Easy

November 2023
Start Selling in the Fill It Now Marketplace

Fill It Now is the new website from IMARK Plumbing and BLUE HAWK that allows you to buy and sell your inventory with other members of the groups.

August 2023
Introducing Fill It Now

Discover how the new IMARK Plumbing and BLUE HAWK Marketplace can help your business streamline inventory access and product availability.

IMARK Today is published quarterly, for plumbing distributor members and suppliers of IMARK Plumbing by CMA.

Executive Message

The June issue is chockfull of key and timely content, including on page 56, a member panel discussion on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), which has helped many IMARK members and their...

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Editorial Board

Executive Editor
Ted Havel

Jeffrey Barnhart

Jennifer Kohlhepp

Sales Executive
Donna Latham

Managing Director
Christian Amato

Creative Director
Dave Sherwood

IMARK Plumbing Staff

John Aykroyd

Executive Vice President
Matt Roos

Vice President,

Marketing and Supplier Relations
Ted Havel

Vice President, Irrigation,

Waterworks, & PVF
Scott Bardreau

Executive Director,

Luxury Products Group
Jeff MacDowell

Director of Business Development,

Luxury Products Group
Peter Ollestad

Director of Marketing
Kaitlyn Martel

Manager of Member Services
Robert Snyder

Operations Manager
Pradeep Lodha

Administrative Assistant
Stephanie Palmer