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Welcome to the November issue of

John Aykroyd President
Matt Roos Executive Vice President
Ted Havel Vice President, Marketing and Supplier Relations

Within the August issue of IMARK TODAY, a featured article enlightened the readership on the conceptual opportunity of the Fill It Now Marketplace. Within this issue, we are pleased to report that the Fill IT Now Marketplace platform is now operational, and we encourage all IMARK and BLUE HAWK members to utilize this new resource.

On Page 26, please review the article “Fill It Now: Getting Started,” which provides insight and instructions to assist members on getting up and running on the Fill It Now platform.

Fill It Now is an internal IMARK Group B2B platform to assist members on sourcing and selling products from fellow IMARK and BLUE HAWK members. Members will have the ability to expand inventory capabilities by working with the vast network of fellow members to offer contractors/customers a wide breath of products. Plumbing, Irrigation, Waterworks, PVF, Decorative and HVAC products that you don’t currently stock can be sourced to fill customers’ needs and enhance your value proposition to your customers.

Fill It Now Marketplace Benefits

Inventory expansion without cash investment

  • Fill It Now allows members to add products to your offerings without the need to buy actual inventory. By accessing Fill It Now, you gain real-time access to inventory, pricing and shipping information. This empowers your sales team to offer wider and more diverse product offerings to customers without the financial burden of stocking inventory. If you already have an e-commerce store, you can seamlessly add these products as new offerings for purchase.

Strategic handling of slow-moving inventory

  • As a seller, you can leverage Fill It Now to offer inventory that has long inventory turnover. What may move slowly for you could be in high demand for another member. The Fill It Now Marketplace presents a risk-free opportunity to add slow-moving inventory, giving it exposure to potential buyers. You retain full control over inventory levels and can add or remove products at any time, enabling strategic inventory management.

Expand your offerings

  • Fill It Now allows you to test products you’ve considered selling but weren’t ready to make a cash investment in. You can save money on inventory costs and reduce the risk of having unsold inventory by offering products without the need to stock them. Furthermore, these expanded offerings enable you to cater to customers with locations previously outside your service range. As IMARK and BLUE HAWK members are spread throughout the country, “virtual” warehouses are made available to you, expanding your geographic reach.
  • Additionally, the introduction of new offerings creates opportunities to offer services you couldn’t provide before. With a broader portfolio to offer customers, you can develop new capabilities that add value and strengthen your relationship with customers.

Fill It Now has the capacity to transform your business and generate additional sales and profits. As the business landscape is constantly evolving, Fill It Now provides the membership with an indispensable tool to unlock new business opportunities and sustained success. For further assistance on Fill-It-Now, please contact Stephanie Palmer at

Enjoy the November issue!