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Legend Valve & Fitting is celebrating its 35th year in business, and we have continued to build upon the foundations that have shaped us into what we are today: extraordinary customer service, dependable performance, continuous innovation, and quality products.

In short, “We deliver what others promise™.”

Our primary focus is to take care of our customers. Much of that involves making it as convenient as possible to do business with us. Our business processes have been designed to increase the efficiency of our customers, even at our own cost. Here at Legend, we pride ourselves on unparalleled service in every facet of our business and strive to increase efficiency and be the lowest-cost supplier to each customer.

At Legend, service is an obsession. The first of our core values is Customer Astonishment, which we seek to do in every interaction with our customers. For the last 35 years, we’ve always had humans handling every phone call we receive. Forget phone trees and automated menus. We believe in the human touch and stand by our team of friendly service representatives. Beyond direct interactions, we seek to astonish our customers with performance they can depend on.

The best way to illustrate our team’s commitment to customer astonishment is to describe our “Casual Friday” policy. These days are not a given–they’re earned through customer recognition. Recognition can come as a “thank you” for excellent service, a helpful voice, or going above and beyond to resolve an issue with an order. In the past 31 years, we’ve only missed a single Casual Friday.

Our performance is guaranteed, and we create value by lowering the costs of doing business with us, including those caused by errors. We guarantee that orders will ship within 24 hours of being placed, 100% complete, and 100% accurate. If we fail and this does not happen, we pay the customer 5% for the trouble. Our current fill rates–the harshest measurement of success–are 98%, with 99.0% line-item accuracy, and 91% of purchase orders received before 5 p.m. are processed and shipped same-day. We also don’t have broken-box fees, minimum order quantities, or restocking fees for returned goods; those costs are our responsibility.

The story of Legend has continued to evolve alongside the changing marketplace. Keeping with our core values–the second of which is Innovation–Since 2016, we’ve invested in the manufacturing and production of tube made with polyethylene raised-temperature (PE-RT) resin. Utilizing Dow Chemical’s HYPERTHERM™ 2399 resin, the most advanced bimodal resin available, Legend has manufactured a PE-RT tube known as HyperPure®. This potable tube is stronger than PEX while maintaining the same level of flexibility contractors are used to without any cross-linking.

This year, we’re excited to announce that our five-layer Oxygen Barrier PE-RT, HyperFlex™, will be in production before the end of 2023. With nearly a decade of experience, we consider ourselves the ExPE-RTs when it comes to manufacturing PE-RT tube for potable and heating applications. We’ve continued working with Dow as our vendor of choice for PE-RT resin, as their innovative and environmentally friendly approach aligns well with our values and go-to-market strategy. Since PE-RT isn’t cross-linked, it’s 100% recyclable. We believe PE-RT is the future of flexible plastic tube in the United States.

We’ve continued to innovate in other areas of our business. In January of 2020, we launched our first fleet of Cobots. These collaborative robots have allowed us to increase order fulfillment rates and line-item accuracy while simultaneously reducing the physical burden on our warehouse team. The cobots autonomously move between picking locations, carrying boxes on their built-in shelves, eliminating the need for cumbersome merchandise carts. Team members walk alongside the cobot from place to place, using the bot’s screen and scanner to verify picks. When all orders are complete, the cobot returns to the shipping line while the team member can move on to another cobot.

The final core values which have helped shape Legend’s culture into what it is today are:


Operate with Integrity,


Do what we say with honesty and purpose,


Work with compassion to empathize with and understand the perspectives of others, and


To seek fun in everything we do from daily workflows to seasonal competitions and anniversary and holiday parties.

Legend pursued acceptance into the IMARK Group, believing it key to our continued growth. After all these years, we couldn’t be more pleased with the decision. Streamlined transactions on both sides make membership an efficient way to conduct business. We’re also big supporters of the annual meetings. They provide a fantastic opportunity to develop strong bonds with executives, allowing us to keep up to speed with the current needs of the membership so we can continue to improve our service.

Legend will continue to support the IMARK Group and its commitment to add value to its members.