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IMARK Members Can Maximize
Profitability with Franke

Headquartered in Aarburg, Switzerland and with more than 100 years of experience, Franke is a world-leading global partner of products and services for residential and commercial applications. Franke unites three divisions under one roof—home solutions, foodservice systems and coffee systems. Franke Home Solutions division combines design, technology and engineering know-how to create kitchen landscapes that integrate flexibly into contemporary and future spaces for everyday life. The needs of the company’s customers are always the priority.

In North America, Franke provides stainless steel, fireclay and granite sinks for various purposes. The company caters to residential, commercial, medical and industrial sectors. As part of its system-selling strategy, Franke also offers faucets, garbage disposals, sink accessories and a comprehensive water filtration system for both hot and chilled water.

“We have a wide selection of more than 1,000 residential options available at different price points, ensuring that customers can find the perfect fit for their needs,” said Pat Mulvey, regional manager, western United States, Franke. “With our extensive product portfolio, Franke aims to be the go-to source for all sink-related needs, including sinks, faucets and accessories.”

Franke offers the Kindred brand for distributors who are targeting the multi-family channel. Starting at six inches deep, many of these sinks feature a patented mounting system for self-rimming sinks–EZ-Torque®. “This technology allows the sink to be installed 70% faster than other installation methods,” Mulvey said. “This translates into a significant labor savings for plumbing contractors, making it a more profitable option for large projects.”

Franke actively pursues and quotes jobs and projects, which can provide IMARK members with a more competitive alternative to improve profitability. “We would encourage the IMARK members to explore this and to give Franke an opportunity to quote on jobs and projects for commercial or multi-family opportunities,” Mulvey said.

The company’s commercial offerings serve the education and healthcare sectors, including scullery sinks and mop sinks. “We offer a wide range of commercial sinks for various applications,” Mulvey said. “When you hear the name Franke, the perception is that we only sell showroom products. Franke has a comprehensive range of stainless-steel products that service multiple channels.”

In early 2024, Franke will introduce on-trend black and gold stainless steel sinks and faucets, the Mythos Masterpiece collection.

Mythos Masterpiece has earned two awards and is in the list of winners of the Kitchen Innovation Award 2023, a program that has earned a reputation for defining the gold standard of kitchen and cooking equipment sectors, recognizing innovative and improved technologies that increase automation, efficiency, safety and sustainable waste solutions.

The Mythos Masterpiece Collection is a premium and sophisticated addition to any home, composed of high-quality, highly aesthetic elements that give the freedom to create a one-of-a-kind look. This specially curated collection by Franke includes handcrafted premium stainless-steel sinks, faucets and soap dispensers.

The Mythos Masterpiece stainless-steel sinks are coated with the exclusive F-Inox Technology, which highlights Franke’s expertise in materials and the durability of its products.

The stainless-steel sinks are created to be hygienic, very easy to clean and dry, durable, heat proof and resistant to fingerprints, thanks to the F-INOX Technology.

Mythos Masterpiece Collection is available in two sophisticated metallic color options—bold anthracite and a stunning gold—to give kitchens an exquisite, artistic look. For an even more distinctive look, each component can be coordinated for a seamless experience or uniquely combined while still retaining an aligned design. The collection expertly combines extraordinary aesthetics with unwavering quality, giving customers the ability to create a style like no other.

Franke is also one of the largest manufacturers of granite sinks and has been manufacturing them for more than 30 years. With a strong focus on quality and innovation, the company prides itself on being at the forefront of this market. “We have established ourselves as a leader in granite sinks,” Mulvey said. “Our extensive range includes multiple collections with a wide selection of designs, colors and price options.”

One of Franke’s standout collections is the Maris family of granite sinks, which was launched in 2023. This comprehensive collection now offers more than 160 models and seven different colors. “To further enhance the customer’s experience, we offer color match waste kits, drain covers and faucets to complement each of our sink colors,” Mulvey said. “Maris is our most exciting and successful launch of granite sinks to date. We have received an overwhelming response from our customers.”

Franke, a global company, has a substantial workforce of more than 7,900 employees worldwide. In North America, it has a strong team of more than 150 individuals. With a presence of 17 factories across the globe, its factory in Canada is specifically focused on the manufacturing of Kindred and commercial products. “Our team at Franke is driven by a strong sense of urgency, enabling us to be swift and responsive in our decision-making processes. We pride ourselves on being an empowered team, which adds to our agility and ability to make prompt decisions,” said Don Gamble, president, Home Solutions, North America. “One key tenant is our collaborative approach, which is of the utmost importance as we work closely together as one unified Franke entity, across all divisions and locations worldwide.”

“Franke is a dedicated supporter of the wholesale channel and aims to capitalize on its partnership with multiple members of IMARK Group and further enhance its presence with the IMARK network,” Mulvey said. “The primary advantage for IMARK members lies in the potential for increased profitability. Customers have consistently reported higher earnings on Franke products compared to those of competing brands, enabling them to maximize their profitability.”

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