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Bringing Multi-Dimensional Intelligence and Clarity
to the Convoluted Ecosystem of Rebates

Tredence is a data science and AI engineering company focused on solving the last-mile problem in analytics. The “last mile” is defined as the gap between insight creation and value realization. Tredence is 1,300-plus employees strong with offices in Foster City, Chicago, London, Toronto and Bangalore, with the largest companies in industrial manufacturing, retail, CPG, hi-tech, telecom and travel as clients. Tredence has been providing increased transparency and driving value for IMARK Plumbing by harmonizing data and providing actionable analytics to the complex rebate ecosystem “The Dashboards” since July 2017.

Tredence services span across AI consulting and advanced analytics, supply chain, data engineering, customer analytics and experience management, solutions support and industry X.0 to list a few.

ML Works, Sancus Solutioning and AI Analytics

ML Works by Tredence is an enterprise-grade platform offering machine-learning solutions with automated workflows and pre-built accelerators to track model degradation, manage code workflow and fast track model management.

Tredence’s Sancus solution is designed to automate end-to-end data management tasks, integrate and organize data in multiple forms from numerous sources and make downstream applications run more smoothly.

Tredence is a trusted analytics partner, solving critical customer challenges through a solutions mindset and an AI-led analytics approach. Tredence helps clients win by travelling the last mile—activating their decision-making into action so that it results in value. The company does this by building industry solutions and accelerators that increase the speed of decisions and actions. is Tredence’s answer to simplify the complex B2B rebate programs with actionable insights and automation.

Tredence’s turns rebates into revenue opportunities with its ability to generate advanced, contextual, near real-time insights that serve the IMARK Group, its members and suppliers simultaneously, powering a highly dynamic rebate ecosystem.

Accelerated Rebate Revenue with (The Dashboards) is a rebate management system for automating shared rebate processes and identifying mutual revenue opportunities for everyone in the rebate ecosystem—the buying group, member buyers and suppliers. is designed to turn rebate management into revenue growth by addressing common challenges faced by stakeholders in the rebate ecosystem like:

  • Ambiguity occurring due to manual rebate management
  • Hidden rebate opportunities due to complex rebate programs
  • Lack of collaboration between rebate stakeholders—IMARK Group Corporate, members and suppliers
  • Gaps in audit trails resulting in disputes

Salient Features:

  • Fluidity and Automation: Manage multi-product, multi-party and tiered rebate schemes with automated rebate tracking and analytics.
  • Standardized Processes: Central product catalogs and standardized rebate to drive deeper sync.
  • Growth Opportunities: Unlocking elegant, mutually beneficial deals with your preferred partners.

Turning Rebates into Revenue Streams for Buyers

Suppliers offer interesting deals to get the attention of buyers. To make a calculated decision, buyers need to identify the right deal among all the offers from suppliers and choose the right one to avoid missing out on rebates and maximize savings. does just that; the platform offers members the best-case ROI offers from suppliers and saves money.

Member Benefits Offered by

  • AI-powered auto-rebate tracking and calculation
  • Access to catalogs of all suppliers within the buying group
  • Compare all active rebates deals in the group in a single view
  • Identify growth in rebate opportunities within the group
  • Conversion opportunity insights to maximize in-group rebate potential
  • A single-stop dashboard that summarizes group and individual purchases
  • Attainment tracking to increase rebate returns per dollar spent
  • Track rebate eligibility automatically

Empowering IMARK Plumbing with Accuracy, Flexibility, Transparency

IMARK must manage member interests and serve as the engine of growth for members and suppliers. offers IMARK a collaborative space to run intelligent rebate schemes and amplify their rebate earnings.

IMARK Benefits Offered by

  • Electronic deal approval for end-to-end rebate governance and auditing
  • Product catalogs from preferred suppliers
  • Automated rebate management and tracking
  • Data warehousing capabilities
  • Consolidated view to monitor individual member performance and purchase behavior
  • Visibility into hidden or new revenue/sales opportunities
  • Transparency into group sales
  • Near real-time actionable rebate management insights
  • Automated data ingestion and refreshes with SMTP integration

Driving Baseline Growth for Suppliers

Rebates are critical for generating new business and forming lasting relationships with members. helps suppliers gain market share from their competition and drive new business to the members by delivering the right deals at the right time.

Supplier Benefits Offered by

  • Define rebate programs at speed and scale with an interactive drag-and-drop user interface
  • Member hunting list to grow market share
  • Summarized view of all the sales within the group
  • Instant view of how deals are performing
  • Insider insights to business conversion opportunities from non-approved IMARK competitors
  • Combined member ranking based on purchase volumes and buying trend analysis to drive more sales

Delivering Value to IMARK Plumbing

The following are some of the values IMARK Plumbing derives from using the platform and its impact.

Earned Rebates for Members Improved by More Than 25%

Impact: The attainment tracking and missed opportunity feature in offers additional rebate earning opportunities for distributor members. The members onboarded onto earn 27% more in rebates than the non-onboarded users.

Suppliers Sell 21% More

Impact:’s hunting list and analytics report features help identify potential buyers and allow the manufacturers to see the fast-moving products in the buying group ecosystem, allowing them to customize their catalog to fit the market’s requirements.

Suppliers within IMARK Plumbing exceeded their sales targets by 21% after being on-boarded.

66% Reduction in Accounting and Reconciliation Time

Impact: The rebate calculation engine and the dashboards in automate rebates according to the criteria established by suppliers during set up and summarize all information in a single dashboard for ease of consumption, resulting in the members receiving rebate payments up to 60 days faster. is Tredence’s commitment to bringing multi-dimensional intelligence and clarity to the complex ecosystem of rebates.

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