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Welcome To The
March Issue of IMARK Today


Decorative Showroom




John Aykroyd President
Matt Roos Executive Vice President
Ted Havel Vice President, Marketing and Supplier Relations

We are pleased to announce the evolution of our quarterly magazine from IMARK Plumbing NOW to IMARK TODAY.

The new title embraces our ever-expanding and wide-ranging membership, and the magazine now reaches key influencers at distributors nationwide including Plumbing, Irrigation, PVF, Waterworks and Decorative Showroom.

With a circulation of more than 3,500 industry professionals, each issue offers dedicated content for each of the five verticals within IMARK Plumbing. Also included, readers can view industry news, emerging trends and management and sales/marketing tactics.

On page 14, please take the time to read the article titled Growing Forward. Fellow member executives share the experience of expanding their businesses through acquiring other wholesale businesses. With the ever-increasing

pace of industry consolidation, the IMARK Growing Forward Program is a strategic group initiative that helps family businesses remain family.

IMARK Growing Forward is designed to maintain and grow the group’s purchasing power by alerting member companies of fellow IMARK Group members that are in acquisition mode. While family considerations

are of principle importance during the company sales process, many member owners of independent distributors often feel that the best thing they can do for their employees and their customers is to sell their companies to fellow independent distributors. This initiative has resulted in far more member companies selling to IMARK peers and has kept that purchase volume inside our organization. For information on IMARK Growing Forward, please contact Ted Havel at

A special thank you to the more than 200 member and supplier companies that completed the 2023 Executive Sales Outlook Survey; results of the survey can be reviewed on page 72. This data may prove helpful in planning for the year.

A must-read article, on page 10, How Gen Z is Driving the Next Generation of Digital-First Plumbing Distribution Businesses, provides insight on how to prepare for members of Gen Z who are beginning to enter the professional workforce.

How Business Coaching Services Can Unlock Showroom Success on page 62 provides insight on personalized business coaching expertise available through Luxury Products Group.

Enjoy the March issue of IMARK TODAY!