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How To Boost Profitability by Cutting
Costs with New Member Benefits

Save more and earn more from every drop of gas you pump,
every box you ship, every card you swipe and everything in-between

IMARK Plumbing has built a powerful cooperative network that creates scale giving industry-leading distributors a competitive edge. IMARK Plumbing is expanding its network and resources by partnering with Savings4Members (S4M), which will sharpen that edge even more. S4M has built a cooperative network entirely focused on connecting members with even greater scale and cost-cutting member benefits.

S4M has leveraged its network and resources to provide members exclusive, pre-negotiated and locked-in pricing with national vendors that impact your core operational expenses in all major categories of overhead and operations. S4M has a dedicated team of consultants that will advise, facilitate and administer all of the details for you. As a dependable resource, S4M takes pride in ensuring a seamless, zero-frustration experience that will result in savings while increasing your margins.

These member benefit programs are offered to you at no extra cost as an IMARK Plumbing member. In most cases, members who participate inherit a return that outweighs the costs associated with being a member. From the fuel that keeps your vehicles moving to the payment processing solutions that get you paid, these 20+ cost-cutting opportunities give your bottom line that extra boost.

You can view all IMARK Plumbing’s member benefit programs at

When it comes to costs eating into your profits—consider the team at S4M a free set of eyes, focused fully on keeping your costs as low as possible.

Visit your IMARK Plumbing Savings Page or contact a savings consultant at 844-346-3746 or