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How to Bring Your Brand to Life

Attracting prospects. Compelling customer loyalty. Closing clients.

And that’s the short answer about why video marketing is quickly becoming the norm for businesses.

Your company is nothing more than the people who make it work from the C-suite to team members behind the counter. A compelling video marketing strategy brings your brand to life because it captures and presents people as they are. It’s more than a photo. It’s more than words. It’s everything with feeling bundled together like a gift with a bow.

Video marketing is a shot of adrenaline to any integrated digital marketing campaign.

Check Out These Numbers

Video content is shared 1,200% more than text and image posts.

In 2022, people spent 19 hours per week watching videos, up from 10.5 hours per week in 2018.

64% of users are more likely to purchase a product online after watching a video.

As an added bonus, video marketing is a great way to boost your search engine optimization (SEO). For example, Google grants higher search results for companies based on several factors, including website traffic, backlinks from other websites, user experience (i.e., time duration) and conversions. Guess which factor videos help with? All of the above!

Let’s take a look at how you can bring your brand to life with a strong video marketing strategy in 2023.



Product videos educate prospects in a compelling way that quickly builds trust and interest. These videos skillfully highlight the product’s features and benefits in the best possible light, which makes it more receptive to target audiences.

Research tells us that 92% of purchasers are influenced by visual elements and 64% are likely to make a purchase after watching a product video.


Testimonial videos help indoctrinate your client and customers into your sales force. It’s a powerful tactic. Who better to sell your products and services than people who have already benefitted from them after they made the purchase? Unfortunately, your customer base doesn’t know that part of their responsibilities includes helping you sell the company’s offerings to others. And that is where your marketing comes into play, connecting your happy customers with the role of top-pitch person.

In business, there are certain things you can’t say aloud: My company has the best customer service. We deliver on time. Have it your way!

Those types of comments are very self-serving, and, over the course of business, every experience might stand up to those claims. During a time of jaded skeptics and mistrust, don’t take on that challenge yourself. Instead, allow your customers to do the talking. Part of building a strong, trustworthy brand means helping your audiences. So, let them tell the tale. Your company isn’t good unless your customers say it’s good. Leverage testimonial videos.


Let your customers get a glimpse behind the scenes. Show off your company culture and people. Do your first brand video today.


Most people don’t like to be sold on anything. But they like to be educated about new things. That’s why explainer videos are especially important in the marketing mix. These videos speak to your prospects at the very beginning of their buyer’s journey, allowing your company to influence them along the way to purchase.

According to a 2020 report, good things happen when your prospects spend time with an explainer video. After they watch (96%) an explainer video, they buy (84%) the product or service that was explained on the video. The majority (74%) said they were convinced to buy or download an app or software.

The report also spells out how explainer videos are the preferred mode of learning about your offerings.

  • Short Videos (66%)
  • Text-Based Article/Website (18%)
  • Infographic (4%)
  • Ebook (3%)
  • Webinar (3%)
  • Sales Call/Demo (2%)


Video marketing makes every other marketing tactic pop, especially your social media accounts. Social media marketing is all about the content you are pushing through the channel. So the better it is, the better your social game will be.

When it comes to building social media followers, engagement and referral traffic, it would be best to provide something that helps your target audiences. For example, tips are a great place to start.


Animated videos tend to be another version of explainer videos. But the animation itself creates a completely different experience. In short, animated videos are fun, which goes a long way to capturing someone’s attention and trust.

First, animated videos give your ideas full creative license to create any scenario or reality. Looking for characters who do something that is not physically possible—no problem. Want a pitch “person” who is actually out of this world—check.

But here’s the best part about aminated videos They ramp up the rest of your integrated digital marketing campaign. For example, put the animated video on your website. Feature it in social media posts repeatedly. Highlight it in your emails and newsletters. You should see an increase in results—pageviews, shares, time duration—everywhere you place it.


Sometimes, live video that puts the spotlight on a news event can create change.

Since the beginning of time, from cave drawings to 400 cable news channels, people have been glued to the news. Although news cycles tend to be fleeting, they can leave a mark.


Live stream videos capture the immediacy of a situation, which makes them unforgettable and valuable.


Corporate videos are one of the best ways to show off your culture, your people and your facilities.

When it comes to video marketing, there are many successful approaches to capture the thing that make your organization special and unique.