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Gerber: A One-Stop Manufacturer
of High-Quality Plumbing Products


Known for its incredible toilets and faucets, Gerber Plumbing Fixtures is a well-known and trusted brand in the plumbing industry that is now bolstering its legacy as a full solution provider.

The biggest opportunity for the company is to leverage its success with the products for which it’s known and be a one-stop manufacturer for its distribution partners.

Within the past seven years, Gerber started reviewing customers’ design requirements as well as product trends and developed collections such as Tribune®. Engineered for quick and easy installation and prime performance, this full line of competitively priced, coordinating bathroom products has a transitional look that fits perfectly into a wide range of bathroom designs.

“Tribune offers the perception of a higher price point at a competitive price point,” said Derek Kirkpatrick, vice president of sales, wholesale, Gerber, adding that the collection’s easy installation is tried and true to how Gerber has always built its products to make plumbers’ lives easier.

Gerber also recently expanded its bath solutions lineup with new Showering Trim Kits. Offering beautiful styling and enduring finishes, each full Tribune and Parma® trim kit assembly is comprised of coordinating elements designed to complement many of the company’s existing bathroom collections.

“These two new shower kits have been received extremely well from a showroom standpoint for large projects,” Kirkpatrick said. “The opportunity came out of a meeting with our partners who told us how they like to use our products.”

Gerber is also excited about its Northerly™ collection, which features a full line of tailored modern classic kitchen faucets. The company also recently redesigned its Viper® and Avalanche® toilets to ensure they are up to a level of design that will fit into any showroom and plumbing project. “We hit the mark on design,” Kirkpatrick said.

“The Avalanche now has a much better flush system,” he said. “The water cascades around the bowl and it has an exceptionally quiet flush.”

Gerber remains committed to plumbing distributors. “As an organization, our support for independent and IMARK distributors is rooted in our company DNA,” Kirkpatrick said. “Independent and IMARK distributors are our family, and we want to make sure we are supporting our partners. We want them to receive the best possible products and service from us.”

The organization has always had a strong focus on family and takes pride in doing the right thing for its partners, leading with Humility, Enthusiasm, Accountability, Resourcefulness and Transparency (HEART), Gerber’s guiding core values.


“At Gerber it’s not just about driving sales and business, it’s about uplifting our teammates and engaging with the community,” said Kirkpatrick, adding that both fundraising and community service are pillars of the business.

Gerber Plumbing Fixtures, which operates under parent company Globe Union, celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2022. It has been nine decades since Polish immigrant Maxwell Gerber started the company in 1932 in Kokomo, Indiana, on a foundation of forming genuine relationships and a steadfast dedication to service and quality.

Today, that spirit lives on as each Gerber team member delivers on a commitment to provide dependability reflected in both products and customer care.

Entering a new era of leadership, Shane Ouyang assumed the role of global CEO of Globe Union in January and Carmen Fiordirosa, former vice president of marketing North America, was promoted to the role of president of Globe Union North America in September 2023.

The company recently transitioned its website backend to a more customizable, commerce-focused platform that is priming the way for a continued advancement of its digital journey. Gerber also considers its last-mile conversion crucial.

“We have inventory ready to go when projects require it,” Kirkpatrick said. “We have a ‘good-to-go’ list of products guaranteed to be in stock in the United States and will ship in two days.”

As a further commitment to providing tools customers need, Gerber still prints a lot of collateral including price and look books and offers incredible customer service.

“Developing relationships is crucial in this industry,” Kirkpatrick said. “We grow relationships until we know your business intimately and can help mitigate issues before they arise to save you time and money.”

Another value add is Gerber’s understanding of how its distribution partners want to receive products. “We’re always thinking of how we can make your receiving of product easier,” Kirkpatrick said. “It comes back to the last mile and arranging the timing, stacking and height requirements. We’re not just selling product. We’re selling a solution.”

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