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Helping businesses save
on everyday operational expenses

Savings4Members works with dozens of purchasing cooperatives, buying groups and associations across many different industries to supply members with significant cost savings on services and products, they use every day. With easy access to over 20 categories of discounts and a team that handles the details for you, Savings4Members helps navigate which member benefits are most beneficial for you and your business.

Cutting Costs Without Cutting Corners

Savings4Members | IMARK Plumbing, Luxury Products Group

A Q&A on the Perks of Your IMARK Membership

Every type of business is looking for an extra edge right now. In fact, it's our hope that's part of why you're a member in the first place: a competitive edge to help you go farther.

As a partner of IMARK Plumbing and Luxury Products Group, Savings4Members exists to help make hitting your business targets easy. By partnering with our group and hundreds like it, Savings4Members has built a cooperative network entirely focused on connecting members with powerful scale, cost-cutting benefits, and a full team to help you take advantage. With this in mind, we talked to Veronica Pratt, Senior Account Relationship Manager at Savings4Members to learn how members can cut costs without cutting corners by making the most of every tool available, including their membership.

Are there certain types of members that should be using your service?

V.P.: Honestly, no. Your benefits can make an impact whether you're a large company or small and family-owned. With over 20+ cost- cutting opportunities, there really is something for everyone. For some members, that means saving money on everyday expenses like office supplies and uniforms. For others, it's cheaper fuel for company vehicles. But one benefit I encourage every member to start with is credit card processing, and the reason is pretty simple. Because with our close partnership with CardConnect AIP, every member can know with complete certainty that they're getting the best possible rate. Getting started with that is really easy too, all a member needs is a copy of their most recent processing statement. Last year, the average member saved over $20,300 in processing fees.

What common misconceptions prevent some members from taking advantage?

V.P.: We hear all the time that members don't have time to look into their benefits or that they already have the lowest offering. What's great about our service is we have a team here to do the legwork for each of them. Another common misconception we hear is about their vehicles. IMARK Plumbing and Luxury Products Group members have access to some incredible fuel discounts for fleets. Often, we hear, "l don't have a fleet - just a few trucks." But that's more than enough to qualify and you can get a nice discount on every drop of gas.

How should members learn more about the benefits available to IMARK Plumbing and LPG members?

V.P.: If you're a member and you haven't done it yet, log in to your IMARK Plumbing savings page or your LPG savings page - It's easy to access your benefits, see what programs you're already taking advantage of, and any next steps required. Or contact Veronica Pratt by her direct number, (603) 628-2337, or email,

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