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Welcome to the March issue of

John Aykroyd President
Matt Roos Executive Vice President
Ted Havel Vice President, Marketing and Supplier Relations

In this issue, we reflect on last year and give special recognition to IMARK members and suppliers for their outstanding support and contributions. At the IMARK Annual Meeting on January 21, we announced and presented members and suppliers with the 2023 Performance Awards; please reference page 84 to view all award recipients.

We recognize those IMARK member companies that achieved status on the 2023 Member Premier Program on page 90. The Member Premier program provides special recognition to IMARK members who are fully engaged with IMARK suppliers and have effectively utilized IMARK programs and resources to achieve results. To view details on the 2024 Member Premier Program, please visit page 94 or the IMARK website and click on the 2024 IMARK Premier Program icon.

The Supplier Gold/Platinum Program recognizes IMARK suppliers that effectively utilized IMARK programs and resources and grew their sales with the IMARK membership. Please review page 96 for the full roster of IMARK suppliers that achieved status. On page 98, details of the 2024 Supplier Gold/Platinum Program are indicated.

Through the balance of the year, you will be receiving updates from us regarding strategic group initiatives, including:

Fill It Now is an exclusive closed e-commerce environment for IMARK Plumbing, LPG and BLUE HAWK members. Fill It Now allows members to access a larger pool of products from each other, which they can then offer to their own customer bases. This expansion of available inventory enables them to provide a broader range of products to their existing customers, potentially attracting more new customers interested in these additional offerings. In addition, it allows members to tap into new customer bases associated with IMARK Plumbing and BLUE HAWK, as their members gain access to each other’s inventory and can market and sell those products to their respective customer networks. Members can also leverage the marketplace to offer inventory that has a long inventory turnover. From the IMARK homepage, click the Fill it Now icon or contact Stephanie Palmer at for more information.

The IMARK Dashboard 2.0 provides the most current iteration of the dashboard with several new features and enhanced analytical tools to better assist IMARK members and IMARK suppliers in managing their overall relationship with the group. For an overview, please take a moment to review the article The Dashboard 2.0 is Here! on page 72.

Better and Faster IMARK Communications will emerge from our investment in Salesforce’s CRM programming. IMARK members can expect customized email alerts concerning their status on GainShare goals, the group’s status on attainment toward group growth programs and/or performance on individual member incentive programs.

IMARK suppliers will receive automated alert notifications concerning significant changes in sales volume. In addition, IMARK suppliers will receive timely email communications concerning GainShare goal attainment and progress reports regarding group growth achievement.

Enjoy the March issue!